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The 3m Zipper Truck structure with rollers fits onto the back of a truck to create a mobile and versatile tool for building arches. The taper allows the shaped blocks to be easily placed and then as the Zipper Truckmoves forward gravity does the rest! This innovative method allows for up to 90% faster construction time, and the end product is immensely strong and long lasting, while still being re-usable. 

arch lock zipper truck 1.jpg
arch lock zipper truck 2.jpg

3m Zipper Truck building a protective arch structure

3m Zipper Truck showing the zipper action closing the arch

zipper truck TM 2.jpg

6 meter Zipper Truck 

arch lock zipper truck 2.jpg

The 6m Zipper Truck structure is the 3m Zipper Truck's big brother, capable of building an arch twice the size. While the core Zipper Truck concept is maintained with this product, the implementation differs slightly. The larger 6m tool has a smooth contour without rollers and uses jacks to adjust its height while assembling the arch through discrete movements instead of continuously. 

zipper truck TM 1.jpg
6m zipper 1 edited.jpg

6m Zipper Truck basic structure, showing the arch support

6m Zipper Truck deployed assembling a creek crossing

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